Ever designed an actual debit card? Nor had I until joining Dozens, quite an intimidating task (and the 100 page Mastercard design guidelines that came with it).

As a new challenger bank, we wanted our card to stand out against a crowded market. Our bright mango yellow was chosen for it's positive, sunny connotations and as a colour pretty unused in the finance sector. The Dozens brand grew from there. Being a neon Pantone®, the cards glow under UV light 😎.
When Dozens went through a round of crowdfunding through Seedrs, we designed a limited edition Shareholder Dozens card. On these the yellow was flipped, reversed out of a soft slate grey.
Dozens is a fairer banking and everyday financial app - created by a team of non-bankers. It combines a current account with budgeting, savings and investing tools. It’s now live on the App Store & Google Play.
I was involved with Dozens right from the very start. From day 1 in an empty office, no app and no name, to a fully functioning app and brand with (at the time I left), 15,000 users.
My role, along with the brand team, involved creating the Dozens brand from scratch, and how this translated across all touchpoints.
Work done while employed at Dozens. All work ©Dozens.

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